WilsonPro A500 Signal Booster Kit + INSTALLATION

WilsonPro A500 Signal Booster Kit + INSTALLATION


WilsonPro A500 Signal Booster + Onsite Installation for JHB, DBN & PTA.

Bundle offers:

  • WILSON A500 Signal Booster (R9395)
  • Networking Call-out fee (R795)
  • Other installation material (R195)

Please contact for areas outside this region to make arrangements before processing your order.

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The WilsonPro A500 (50 Ohm) from Wilson Electronics is the most popular home and small office cell phone signal booster we currently offer. It features automatic gain control with a self-optimizing design for easy installation & maintenance.


  • ICASA Approved. Boosts 3G & 4G for any home or building up to 500m2
  • Works for all phones & mobile networks. MTN, Cell C, Vodacom, and Telkom
  • Complete kit: all parts included, easy installation
  • Our most popular home and small office booster
  • Better talk, text & internet guaranteed
  • wilsonpro signal booster for home


With up to +70 dB gain of power, it greatly enhances 4G LTE and 3G cell service for all of your wireless cellular devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, hotspots, etc.) on any network in South Africa.


There are no monthly fees nor does it need to be connected to any internet source (wifi or landline) to work. It simply amplifies your existing in-building cellular service up to 32X for better talk, text, and faster internet.


WilsonPro boosters carry a 1-year manufacturer warranty, a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, and free delivery to all major South African centers. Our technical support team is trained by Bolton Tech in the USA/SA and available for any technical or sales related issues.


Say Goodbye to no-signal frustrations.


Who is this for?

  • For people needing coverage for a large home or building up to 500sq meters. Best for: large homes, small offices, smaller areas within a school, warehouse or complex.
  • The WilsonPro A500 Plus typically covers up to 500 square meters based on our customer response and install team. It’s capable of covering 500sq meters plus, depending on strong outside signal and little interference from inside the building.


The three main causes of poor cellular reception in a building are cell tower distance, outside interference, and building material. It is especially true of building material in city & urban areas and of cell tower distance in rural areas. Many legacy buildings are built with high-density materials such as thick concrete, brick, and metal which block cell signals. Many modern buildings use energy-efficient materials such as radiant barrier and low-energy glass that disrupt signals. Any combination of these obstructions interrupts cellular service inside the building.


This is why a WilsonPro commercial cell phone signal booster solves all three problems by reaching farther in the distance to and from the cell tower, bypassing any building material interference, and amplifying the signal inside. Consistent delivery. Consistent service. 24 hours a day. For the majority of homes and small offices, the WilsonPro A500 is the most popular choice for better 4G LTE and 3G coverage & convenience.


What’s in the Box:

  • WILSON A500 Signal Booster
  • Indoor Wall Mount Panel
  • Outdoor Yagi Antenna
  • Low Loss Cable X 2


Consider using booking our Technicians for your Installation from Only R1095.00! Phone (087) 821-7776 for further details.


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